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~After Care ~


Unless otherwise noted, follow-up sessions are recommended 5-7 days apart. Acute issues usually resolve very quickly in about 1-3 sessions. For a chronic condition, however, I usually recommend 4-6 sessions depending on how chronic the condition is. If the issue has been a longstanding, it may take more sessions. We assess at the 6th session and I will give you my additional recommendation for your care based upon your improvement.


Bowen offers the best results when used as a therapy on its own. Therefore, plan on discontinuing all other forms of treatment while you are undergoing this work. This includes chiropractic care, all forms of massage, E-Stim, etc.


How well you respond to the sessions will depend in part on your attitude and lifestyle. Many conditions take time to heal and complicating factors--like chronic conditions, taking many medications, poor physical fitness, dehydration, lack of rest, re-injury, poor diet--will extend healing time. My expectation and commitment is for your success, so I will be with you every step of the way with a plan that is specific to your needs.



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 Your Bowen Treatment

What to expect

during session and after

After assessment, Bowen treatment consists of a series of precise moves on specific parts of the body based on the findings in the assessment. The work is done through clothing. Bowenwork moves are, in themselves targeting and treating Receptors. Receptors are the eyes and ears of the Brain and Nerves. These moves challenge the receptors in the muscle, tendon or ligament by gently moving it out of position. Then by rolling over the muscle or tendon while maintaining gentle pressure on the site, the sensory nerve endings are sending information to the brain so it can make changes in structure and function, initiating the body's natural self healing response.

After a series of moves, often there is an important pause to allow the body to integrate the new information and reset the dysfunction or tension at the source of the problem. A Bowen session usually lasts 20-30 minutes, and sometimes needs to be repeated twice in one week for certain conditions. The healing process continues over the next seven to ten days, providing lasting effects for the client.

~During Session~
After making sure you are comfortable, we begin.
The moves themselves are done by placing the fingers or thumbs either over clothing or on the skin over precise points on muscles tendons or fascia. The initial assessment indicates to the practitioner the specific locations where the body is in distress and gives the clues where to start and what to address. The move itself stimulates the body's autonomic nervous system to rebalance.

The actual hands-on work may take very few of the 20-30 minutes of the entire session.

Everyone's experience is truly unique to them. During a Bowen session, many people experience a deep sense of relaxation and loosening of muscle tension.
Wear or bring lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that I can work through. Cotton is best. Most people wear loose-fitting shorts or warm-up pants--Some even wear their pj bottoms! Please don't wear jeans or anything with back pockets as the seams get in the way.