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~ Lisa Sexton

Lisa Sexton
~Master Therapist NCTMB~


 My history and the basis of why I do what I do.  Breaking the Pain cycle

I grew up playing competitive sports and loved it. But by the time I left high school, I was already plagued with old injuries and in pain more often than not.  Pain was normal to me:  A nagging low back injury from powerlifting, a chronic neck and hip injury from repeated abuse on the softball field, a quad that pulled every time I tried to sprint to the bases, TMJ issues, shoulder issues, and chronic GI problems that made me sick all the time. All of these things had built up over time and finally benched me---at age 20.


All the years of not listening to my body finally caught up with me.  My life's passion for playing sports and competing ended because my body finally said enough abuse! At the time, I knew nothing of the importance of nutrition, hydration, healing modalities and rest.  I had one gear: Push on through.

I viewed my body as a traitor.  I took no responsibility for the mess I created.  I cannot emphasize the devastation and powerlessness that I felt.  My life and identity as I knew it ended. There was no hope that I could ever return to beloved activity or any resemblance to a normal life. 

Playing the "What if" Game

After a long period of self pity anger and continued pain, I started playing a game I like to call "what if". What if  I sought out  different forms of massage, physical therapy, chiropractic care, healers, nutritionists, and trainers to see if they could help? What if  I decided to be open to anything that will help me get better? What if  I relentlessly pursued my health and stopped feeling sorry for myself?  What if  I changed the way I eat and maybe drank some water, would that help? What if  I changed my mind and decided to fight for my body, not against it? What if  I decided to believe and affirm I could get better?

Why I do What I Do

Next thing I knew, the "what if" game was working.  I was changing, I was getting better.  And I'd found a new passion: Healing.  I wanted to help everyone I could to get out of pain like I did.  

  What I thought was a curse became a gift. From my experiences, I'd come to understand pain, the devastation that can go along with it, and what it takes to beat it.  I wanted to help people change their path of pain like I did.  I turned my competitive nature and drive with sports into something bigger, studying everything I could get my hands on concerning health and healing, taking every class and earning multiple certifications.


 I now have over 25 years of experience as a therapist trainer and coach, with 18 different certifications in modalities as a therapist alone.  Yes, 18!  It was all part of my quest to find ways to help people get better or improve their game. 

Here's the kicker, I have put all of the other modalities I am certified in on a shelf with the exception of Bowen Therapy or NST as some call it. Bowenwork embodies my passion quite simply. Because when it comes to results, nothing compares to it--period.

I have done Bowen Therapy exclusively the last 14 years, and am certified to the highest Master's level as well as an Associate Instructor.  

Today I love all sports (in case you didn't get that by now), great nutrition, the outdoors, fishing, family, friends, work, and especially a good sense of humor!  I would love to be part of your journey toward reclaiming your health or winning your next race.  I will meet you where you are at and work with you to exceed your goals.


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