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​Subtle Influence...Profound Results

** Dr. Rowen’s Second Opinion Newsletter (July ’03), headlined Bowenwork therapy as “the gentlest, most effective pain therapy ever.”

**Prevention Magazine describes Bowenwork as “the only bodywork technique that is effective in treating fibromyalgia”.

**O, the Oprah Magazine (July ’04), names Bowenwork as one of “the most innovative body therapies.”

Subtle Influence...Profound Results.

What is Bowenwork?

Bowenwork, also known as Bowen Therapy, Bowen Technique, Bowtech, or NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique)
is an advanced and gentle therapy that works through the nervous system to reset the body and heal itself. Affecting the central, autonomic, and lymphatic systems, it facilitates the balancing of all systems allowing the restoration of the body back to its original blueprint.

​ Our body has memory of every trauma, injury, or experience that has happened throughout our entire life. When we have an injury or malfunction to our physical body or even to our psychological being, we develop compensatory holding patterns to avoid further pain. These holding patterns, left unchecked, begin a subtle yet unrelenting spread throughout the body, finally manifesting in that one small move that seizes the back or immobilizes the neck. "But I only reached over in the shower for the soap!" Yes, that was the laststraw, but not the entire story.

The Bowen Technique uses a simple "least invasive" and minimalist approach to addressing the body. While implementing a series of very precise moves at specific points, the therapist slightly "challenges" a muscle, tendon, or connective tissue. The "challenge" or movement stimulates structures called Golgi Tendon Organs (GTO) and muscle spindles which convey proprioception information to the brain.

These proprioceptors (sensory receptors) exist in the muscle cells and play a large role in keeping our bodies balanced. They are found in the muscle itself as well as in the tendon attached to the muscle and bone. The information these special receptors receive is sent along the nerves and up the spinal cord to the brain where the information is processed. This processing works much like flipping the circuit breaker switch when you have overloaded the circuit. After receiving Bowen Therapy, the brain prioritizes the area of "dis-ease" that needs to be addressed by the information it receives from the stuck pattern area. Once this has been established, the brain resets the pattern as if telling it, "The trauma is done --let go".

The Bowen Technique stimulates the brain via the nervous system thus affecting the whole control center. Bowen Therapy has the ability to improve connections between the central and autonomic nervous system, along with the other systems of the body. This calms, balances and encourages the reestablishment of homeostasis.

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